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Andrew "Andy" McGee is a character in both the film and novel Firestarter. He was created by Stephen King. He is portrayed by David Keith.

Early lifeEdit

Andy McGee is a 30-something-year old man possessing the ability to control minds. He was provided this ability after participating in a government-funded experiment wherein voulenteers like Andy would be injected with a drug Lot Six. A result of being injected with Lot Six was manifesting psychic abilities. He and his wife, Vicky, both participated and had a daughter, Charlie, who also possessed powers.

He refers to his ability as the "push". It is revealed that his powers are self-destructive; prolonged use of his power caused him severe headaches, nosebleeds and brain hemorrhages.

The government agency that sponsored the original drug trials, The Shop, regarded the experiment as a failure, with one member stating that humans were simply not evolved yet to make full use of the drug. However, although they unanimously regarded Andy and Vicky as useless test subjects and dead ends, it was also unanimously agreed that Charlie was a groundbreaking development, and as a result, the McGee family was placed under surveillance for around seven years.

Due to the mistake of The Shop, Vicky was murdered and Charlie was kidnapped. Using his power to escape two government agents, Andy took Charlie and ran away.

They would take refugee in several places where Andy believed he and Charlie were safe. However when a Shop agent would locate them, they'd move to a different location.

After a few encounters with Shop agents, Andy and his daughter Charlie take refugee with Irv and Norma Manders, however when the Shop locates them there, they run away.

Andy then finds he and Charlie staying at their old lake house. John, a Shop agent, finds them hiding there, shoots Charlieand Andy with a tranquilizer dart and takes them to the Shop where they are experimented on.

After six months of experimentation, Charlie burns down the Shop with her power after Andy dies from being shot.


Andy possesses the power of telepathic hypnosis, allowing him to push any thoughts he wanted to in to the minds of others. It is revealed that prolonged use of this power caused brain hemorrhages. He shared a brief telepathic conversation with his future wife, Vicky, shortly after being injected with the Lot Six drug.

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